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Modern Warfare 3 players organize blackout on 4/20
I have to say first, it's hard to take a protest so seriously when it's set for 4/20. Nevertheless, there is a protest forming to have Activision and Infinity Ward fix the various problems in Modern Warfare 3. Their goal is to have players not play the game for 24 hours st... [read more]
Sony closes down Zipper Interactive
Rumors have come true. Sony has shut down Zipper Interactive, the creators of the SOCOM series. ... [read more]

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At SXSW 2012, Sony once again held an event showing off some of their newest games. This time it was at the Red 7 bar in downtown Austin, where they had several games being shown, some released and some not. I spent my time with 4 titles that will be released soon: Resistan... [read more]
5 things that make me ashamed to be a gamer
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After seeing a resounding demand for a localization of Tales of Graces F from fans in the West, Namco Bandai happily obliged and released the game. Was it worth the wait, or has Namco wasted their time on a niche title that might get lost in the sea of games coming out this ... [read more]
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SXSW 2012: Indie Game: The Movie impressions
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Gear Unboxing: ROCCAT Isku Gaming Keyboard
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Gear Review: Eightarc Fusion Fight Stick
Other companies have tried to compete with Mad Catz, in the realm of fight sticks. One of these challengers, Eightarc, is going directly after Mad Catz by offering a feature that Mad Catz is unable to offer: dual-modding. ... [read more]
Capcom brings twice the horror with two Resident Evil trailers
Posted on October 31, 2011 by MikeV

To end a spooky Halloween night Capcom releases two new trailer to their Resident Evil franchises. Fist up is the Slant Six developed Resident Evil Operation Raccoon trailer. You already have the US military, Umbrella's private forces and an army of zombies clashing together. Things can't get any worse.....until Umbrella decides to drop Nemesis into the city:


Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is set to release March 20, 2012.

The next trailer is Resident Evil Revelations, a game that bridges the gap between RE4 and RE5. We are introduced to new characters and the new features exclusive to the 3DS:


There is no release date as of yet for Revelations.
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