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Why I Hate World of Warcraft
Posted on October 19, 2008 by Oscar Gonzalez

It's very very very simple. I Hate World of Warcraft. I despise the game is so much and just reeks of lameness. The game is just filled with so many flaws and a lot of those flows are people. Giving people anonymity is attractive because a typical person can act as true hero who comes to the aid of others, but with those good people come the pitiful scum that have found another world for them to infest with their hatred for themselves and others. But these scums are not the reasons why I hate WoW. It's a combination of the players as well as Blizzard themselves that has taken a MMO into new lows quality wise and raise the bar for income that no other game may match. Let's cut the BS and get down to my list.

#1 An utter lack of diversity. This goes for races and classes. It's very lame and tedious to have one race access on class. It kills the variety of that class and makes everyone just another pawn to be chosen at will by a group or raid. As for classes, I cannot fathom how Blizzard could not come up with more classes. I mean come on, how about a freakin necromancer; they were in the damn Warcraft games. When it comes down to it, all the classes are set with no much room to offer something extra to the group. It's also sad that after four years, there will be only one class added to the mix and that class looks to be easy access for those who have played the game long enough. God I wonder how many of those guys will we see. Reminds me of Star Wars Galaxies were one week there was not a Jedi in sight and next week there's a Jedi in every corner. It's not going to be a pretty site when the half the population chooses the same class.

#2 Now let's looks at the gamers that are a part of this game. I use one word to describe them. LAZY LAZY LAZY. I mean come on how lazy can you be when you wait hours to get a group and then you wait, doing nothing, in hopes that your other teammates will find a meeting zone rock so they can transport you. Wherever I was, I could always find the quickest way to a dungeon. And when I'm halfway there, I have realized that I was the only one moving. So we have become so lazy that the idea of walking imaginary miles is more work that needed? What's next? Should we make FPS games were the heads are ten times bigger? Or how about we make a fighting game where everyone has a button that kills you do you don't need to learn any moves. And to think, these people are the ones telling you that you're using the wrong spells or you're not healing fast enough. Oh and healers, just for you, I'd like to give you a big fuck you and here's why. If you're a healer class, you're a fucking healer. Yeah you can transform into a bear and tank, or you have some cool spells that can take off extra damage, but guess what, you were chosen because the group needed someone to heal. If the mobs are no big deal, then go ahead and blast away, but stop the bullshit and stand back to heal the tank. You chose the job, and even with all of its merits, you're still a damn healer and nothing more.

#3 Is there something wrong having strong guards in each city? I know it'll not go along with the lore that says that crappy cities get crappy guards but come on already. Poor noobs get beaten before they can type "where am I" while the level 70, with six guards on him, keeps killing away. Just raise the level caps and make it somewhat easier on us when we're starting out.

This is what I have for now. There is much out there but those problems are common problems are all MMOs face. These problems listed are truly restricted to World of Warcraft alone. I have spent many long hours playing WoW and it was with much annoyance that I continued to play. So if you feel my comments were not worthy of mention or if you have an idea of how it can be better, then please let me know, .

Originally blogged on 9/11/08

Oscar Gonzalez - Editor-in-Chief og (@) | all author's articles

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