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On Feb. 26, Capcom's Neidel "Haunts" Crisan revealed that rage quitter's were going to get punished, but he didn't give specifics. In his latest blog, he revealed the fate of those who can't take the loss. ... [read more]

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Your safe space doesn't belong in my competitive game
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PAX South 2016: Lords of New York Interview
If you never thought you wanted a poker RPG, then you haven't played Lords of New York from Lunchtime Studios. ... [read more]
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Games and Violence: A Long Time Gamer's Insight
Posted on December 16, 2008 by

I was recently substituting at a local middle school and I was not at all surprised that the 13 and 14 year old students there had played Gears of War, God of War, Grand Theft Auto IV etc. But what I was surprised to discover is how shockingly little they knew about these games.

1. For Gears of War, several students could not name the main character, the planet it takes place on, or even the enemies you fight.

2. For God of War, people did not know which mythology it was based on, what the name of the Gods were, or the main character's name.

3. For GTA IV, people did not know the city it took place in, fictional or what city it was based on, the timeline, or especially galling, the main character's first name. Many students incorrectly referred to him as a black guy or a Chinese guy.

The point of this long-winded post is to suggest that the long held belief that parents are the ones most ignorant of games seems to be misleading. The very people who are engaged in the act of playing these interactive adventures are either so into the game that they consider details to be unimportant.

Or they are in fact, only tettering on the edge between reality and fiction, unable to look past the most visceral parts of the presentation to the more substantial elements. This unfortunately leads credence to the theories that suggest players unconsciously respond to certain parts of games (the violence and action) more than others (the everpresent details that are often repeated ad nauseum and play an integral part of the experience)

The bottom line is I hope that this is not a widespread occurrence. I often argue that games are no different than movies or books, they are all simply ways in which to entertain yourself. This data is indeed troubling.

These same students did have a superior amount of knowledge relative to the medium we talked about (they could name characters, plots, devices, scene happenings and more) in movies 10 years old.

This topic could no doubt have further thought put into it, and I welcome your comments. Hell if I embellished it enough, I might have enough for a psychology research paper... - og (@) | all author's articles

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Tom Clancy's The Division
EA Sports UFC 2
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Samurai Warriors 4 Empires
MLB The Show 16
Pokken Tournament
Killer Instinct Season 3
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