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by OG | November 11, 2011
For the Transformers fan that needs a special mouse in their life, Razer has released a special line of their DeathAdder mice. Released in 4 different colors, these mice add some style to a mouse.

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by OG | November 11, 2011
PC component maker Thermaltake has begun producing new gaming accessories for the core gamers. Their line of keyboards, Tt eSPORTS Challenger, offer some cool extras with a nice little fan.

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by Eduardo | October 13, 2011
Lousy battery life appears to be the price we have to pay in order to enjoy gaming on the go these days. While the Nintendo DS is well known for having a long battery life, the party is now over thanks to the three to five hour range of the Nintendo 3DS. This is the second battery pack I have reviewed for the system, the other being the Hyperkin Power Plus. [read more]

by Eduardo | October 04, 2011
While DS and 3DS cartridges are conveniently small, their small size also makes them easy to lose. The Memorex Universal Game Selector allows three games to be plugged into the 3DS at a time allowing for maximum convenience and security. So does the Game Selector hold its own? [read more]

by OG | September 21, 2011
PC component maker Thermaltake has begun producing new gaming accessories: Tt eSPORTS Challenger Ultimate Wired Keyboard and Mini Azurues Mouse.

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by OG | September 21, 2011
Steelseries has released another gaming mouse, but the Sensei has more of a brain than your normal mouse.

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by OG | September 06, 2011
Turtle Beach has created many headset for the Xbox 360 and now it's time for the PS3. The P11 looks of the Xbox 360 X11, but can the P11 provide great quality to PS3 owners.

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by OG | September 04, 2011
A special unboxing episode featuring two gaming accessories from Arcitc. The Arctic M571 Gaming Mouse and P531 Surround Sound Headset.

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by Eduardo | August 28, 2011
With great power comes great compromise. [read more]

by Eduardo | August 19, 2011
As much as we like to ‘play it loud,’ there is a need among more nocturnal gamers to be able to hear their games without disturbing parents, siblings, significant others, and neighbors. The Specialist Headset by NOX promises to bring rich sound and convenience to gamers who have to turn it down. [read more]

by OG | August 17, 2011
From Turtle Beach is the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 for the PS3.

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by OG | August 14, 2011
Obsess over Transformers much? Think that Transformers 3 was the best movie this summer? Wish you had a sweet looking Transformers mouse? Check out the new special edition Transformers 3 DeathAdder mouse from Razer.

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by OG | July 13, 2011
With the release of a new system comes the inevitable avalanche of accessories for it. This is especially true for portables like the Nintendo 3DS, and so we have the Memorex Racing Wheel. [read more]

by OG | July 03, 2011
Plantronics is going from making headsets only for the PC to making them for the consoles. The Gamecom X95 is a wireless headset for the Xbox 360, and I take a quick look at what comes in the box.

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by OG | June 05, 2011
SteelSeries has become one of the most recognizable names in the PC gaming accessory market. They’ve sponsored multiple pro gaming teams along with partnered with several game companies. The Siberia V2 is in the mid-tier of the SteelSeries line of headsets. [read more]

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