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Bayonetta vs Darksiders: The Epic Clash of East vs. West

For some strange reason, the release of Darksiders and Bayonetta has created a whole East Coast vs. West Coast rap type war that's been going on in a variety of sites and forums. I mean it's not like Sega is saying that Darksiders sucks in comparison to Bayonetta and vice versa. Instead, just some hate from the gamers on the internet that are always looking to start a fight for no apparent reason. With that, I look at the two games and see who comes out on top. Yes, it is adding gasoline to the fire, so let the battle begin.



War in Darksiders is a definite badass yet it's an overused type of badass that has been done thousands of times in gaming. The idea of playing as one of the Four Horseman is an amazing concept, it's just a shame that it didn't work out that well. On the contary, Bayonetta is part of the new female that combines slutty attitude with all out ass kicking. She breakdances, shoots bullets from her boots, and does a pole dance of death. You don't see Lara Croft do anything fun like that.



Both games feature a Heaven vs. Hell type storyline with Darksiders taking characters ripped from the Book of Revelation itself. As for Bayonetta, the story starts strong but then it's like the developers forget to add to the storyline in the 8-10 hours in the middle then jam it all in the last 2 hours of the game. Darksiders' storyline shows that once again the Bible is a great source for video game storylines with all the war, death, blood, and love. Unlike Bayonetta, you want to figure out what happened to War, and who's behind it all.



Although Bayonetta shows off some digital TnA, it doesn’t have that an art style that really strikes you. Some of the bosses really look epic, however, there's simply not enough to really impress you.With Darksiders, there's a definite style to the game that's great to look at but will remind you of World of Warcraft. Still, as much as I like looking at Bayonetta breakdancing (see video below), I prefer checking out the world of Darksiders.


Voice Acting

Mark Hamil. Done.


(Darksiders also has voice actor and friend of the site, Troy Baker)


For me it comes down to this. Darksiders has a score that fits its post-apocalypse biblical setting. Yet once again, it's typical and done many times before. Bayonetta has a J-pop version of "Fly Me to the Moon" that is the same as the end theme of Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. Being a fan of the anime, you can tell who won this fight.



Kind of a tough choice here. Bayonetta is a shorter game with a lot more fast paced action. I'm reminded of how crazy Devil May Cry was when I first played it. Darksiders, although the combat plays about the same, has more exploration and backtracking making for a much longer game although a slower paced game. For this, it's a push.



Darksiders' fun comes from the gruesome deaths you lay upon your enemies. Yeah that's fun but Bayonetta has that and a lot more. The torture attacks and climax attacks are both fun to do and watch. Then you have all the funny moments in the game being that it obviously doesn't take itself seriously. Time and time again, I found myself having a big smile on myself and it's not just because of Bayonetta's boobs.


And the winner is…

Why Bayonetta? Cause, goddamn it, the game is a lot of fun. Darksiders takes stuff in other games and simply brings them together. Bayonetta takes what has been done before and simply makes it better. What else can be said but START BEING GAMERS AND TRY OUT BOTH GAMES INSTEAD OF HATING ON THEM!

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I LOVE BAYONETTA. even have played it on ps3 only i still see that the grhpics r great story is awesome and well, gameplay is what lara croft is, EPICCCCCCCCCCCC. u cant tlak bad about bayonetta shes to awesome betch :D i wish they could make a moive for her oike they did with lara croft :DD would be awesome :DDDDD
I LOVE BAYONETTA. even have played it on ps3 only i still see that the grhpics r great story is awesome and well, gameplay is what lara croft is, EPICCCCCCCCCCCC. u cant tlak bad about bayonetta shes to awesome betch :D i wish they could make a moive for her oike they did with lara croft :DD would be awesome :DDDDD
The reason there is this war, in a decent part. Is because the PS3 version of Bayonetta sucks. In manys eyes including my own, Bayonetta may as well be considered a 360 exclusive.

So with that Bayonetta essentially favours the 360 community. Every Sony fanboy is going to ague Darksiders is the better game because it actually runs better on the PS3 than 360.

Having played both. I prefer Darksiders because that's the type of game I wanted. Darksiders is nothing like Bayonetta with it being an action adventure, exploration orentated title with lock-on system whilst Bayonetta is just an imensly upgrading DMC. What SEGA have done is impressive, and I hope Capcom can learn from it for DMC4, but not really interested in Bayonetta.

@Wtf - Darksiders isn't a beat-em-up, and isn't any more of a button masher than GoW or DMC. There are a lot of moves which require reasonably consise button presses to pull off. Not like there's anything too advanced in any of these games honestly. You can button mash through Bayonetta, DMC... Darksiders... if you want to. There not really about how you fight, there about how you dodge.

eww sorry for the epic walls of text, my refresh button is broken...
I broke bank and got both games on launch day... big mistake... i nearly died of over gaming awesomness hehe.

Darksiders is badass, and i love the apocalypse as much as the next guy, but as much fun as i had slicing baddies to bits, i have to admit bayonetta blew me (hah) away, i expected what everyone else expected, an akward clone, but what i got is a game that i cant believe how much content is put in just the combat, sure Darksiders has a much more fleshed story, but if we compare stories Darksiders couldnt even touch...say... mass effect, so the real deal here is flat out fun and i agree, Bayonetta has it all. and for all the haters, dont knock it til you try it, i understand it looks strange but the game is really THAT good if you open your mind...we are gamers after all. if you can afford it, get both and you will love the two of them, if you can only buy one, Bayonetta would be a damn good choice.
@Zach - Being a horseman is pretty sick. Problem is that War's plight wasn't that much different than all the other games featuring badass warriors as the main character.

@Aaron - I still liked Bayonetta more, but yeah, both games are good and deserve to be checked out.

@Alex - I agree with the story being better since Bayonetta's story wasn't worth a damn.

@wtf - uh, wtf?
Bayonetta is just too cheesy and too over the top for me. and just a personal preference i dont lke playing as femal characters, i cant relate to them and it takes some of the fun out of it for me. Darksiders is like an adult version next gen zelda with a sprinkle of god of war=win. wars not the most interesting character but the story was still pretty good.
Nice Photoshop, dude. Also, your result is flawed, correct answer is BOTH GAMES ARE AWESOME.
being war who is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is straight up badass. i'm confused by how you say it didn't work out that well when the two categories that i would assume make being war work are gameplay which was a tie and storyline which you had darksiders winning. just wondering, good job with the article though and i also love the video of her dancing, it is ridiculous, in a good way haha.
you consider Darksiders and Bayonetta a tie in gameplay!!!??? Darksiders is a button masher! wtfomgbbq

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