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Rumor confirmed: Xenoblade Chronicles to make its way to North America
Posted on December 02, 2011 by MikeV

It was only mere hours that this rumor was lighting up the internet like a Christmas tree. First the NeoGaf posting of a push list of games, then NOA's Facebook page showing off artwork. Now it has been confirmed: Nintendo of America, after saying they had no plans for it, will be bringing over Xenoblade Chronicles to North America in April 2012. Take a look at the first North American trailer below that was just released:


Here is also a few features that Nintedo highlights about the game:

  • Xenoblade Chronicles invites players to explore a truly vast open-world universe. In addition to the game’s main quest, they can also take on side quests, seek out special items and uncover hidden areas.
  • Players can customize their characters by choosing from a wide array of weapons, armor, equipment and accessories. Each item not only enhances characters’ abilities, but also affects the appearance of different characters in distinctive ways.
  • A unique upgrade system lets players improve their characters’ performance throughout the game. They can earn upgrades during battle, trade with townspeople or collect and purchase items. Players can also use magical gems in enhance the abilities of their existing equipment.
  • The game also incorporates a unique relationship-building system called Affinity. Different characters will have distinct Affinity levels in relation to one another, which can influence their interactions and affect their progress through the game.
  • A sophisticated battle system in Xenoblade Chronicles includes special Chain Attacks – combo attacks involving all members of the questing party – as well as an Arts system that lets characters perform specialized actions and spells.

This is no doubt a cause for excitement as many gamers were clamoring for this game, especially the folks behind Operation Rainfall. Like I said in the last post, hopefully this will grease NOA's wheels just a bit and have them release Pandora's Tower and The Last Story over here in the states as well. More details about who will be carrying the game should come out shortly. 

Source: Nintendo

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