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Gear Review: Razer Goliathus Alpha Mouse Pad
Posted on November 28, 2011 by OG

Rarely do people give thought to their mouse pad.  Unless you have wrist problems, your mouse pad is more than likely one that you got for free. Whether it was a promotional giveaway or came with your PC, you probably didn’t pay more than ten dollars for it, if even that much.   You can’t blame someone for ignoring their mouse pad because it’s not very often that you need to pay attention to it.   People using a computer rarely pay attention to their hands while surfing the net or playing games anyways.  However, for the core PC gamers out there, Razer has made a mouse pad just for you.  The Goliathus Alpha is Razer’s take on the mouse pad.  For this review, we’re looking at the large model that was provided by Razer.  Small and medium versions are available as well.



It's How Big? - Measuring in at about 17” wide, the Goliathus provides you with a lot of space to maneuver your mouse around.  As PC gamers find themselves having plenty of freedom these days with their devices with extra long cords or are wireless, they’re also finding themselves needing  to move their mouse around considerably more than they used to.  Bigger monitors and better graphics cards mean higher resolutions, making the pointer much smaller than it used to be when we had 15” monitors and 800x600 resolution.  For a game like Starcraft 2, though, top players need to do quick sweeping motions in all directions, and nothing gets you out of your groove than flying right off the mouse pad and landing on the cold wood of your desk.  Once you have this huge space mouse pad at your disposal, you’ll quickly wonder how you could ever made use of smaller pads over the years. 

Made to Last - FPS gamers have to move their mice furiously in every direction.  All that friction can leave a mouse pad much worse for wear after some time, especially if it’s a cheapie one.  The Goliathus Alpha doesn’t have that problem with a unique, long lasting, highly durable surface.  Not only is the pad durable, it has a better feel to it that lets the mouse slide over it fairly smoothly.

Looking Stylish - I like the design of it.  That’s it.  I just like the way it looks.



You Want Me to Pay How Much? - There’s something about paying twenty dollars for a mouse pad that doesn’t feel right.  Twenty bucks can buy a game, or multiple ones during a Steam sale, so it’s hard to justify putting down $20 for a mouse pad.  It won’t be easy to convince yourself that it’s really worth the money, especially if you’re a frugal gamer.


I have to admit, when I first got the Goliathus Alpha mouse pad from Razer, I was a little bummed out.     It was a mouse pad, how the hell am I going to write a competent review of a mouse pad.  Since that day though, I’m really grateful that it was sent to me.  My previous mouse pad had been with me for years, but this Goliathus Alpha mouse pad is simply a superior product.  Yes, it won’t be for everyone.   As I stated before, it’s a $20 mouse pad that replaces one that you probably got for free.  So if you have some extra scratch, no games that you want to buy in the near future, and are compelled to get something that’s gaming related, go buy one.


OG - Editor-in-Chief / Original Gamer | all author's articles

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