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Rumor: NetherRealm Studios looking to develop new Killer Instinct game
Posted on November 22, 2011 by OG



An anonymous source at NetherRealm Studios has said that the Mortal Kombat developer is looking to secure the rights to develop a new Killer Instinct game.  As you can guess, getting the rights for a new Killer Instinct will be tricky as Nintendo and Rare, now owned by Microsoft, have rights to the game, but in these days, anything is possible when the right amount of money is on the table.  The thought of a new Goldeneye game seemed unlikely as Activision held the James Bond license while Nintendo and Rare held the right to the Goldeneye 007 name, yet we have a new Goldeneye game.  Same thing could be said for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since Activision held the license for Marvel games, not Capcom, but again we have a new game game. 

Word of a Killer Instinct 3 release came last year at X10 when Microsoft's General Manager for Live and Creative Director for Microsoft Game Studios, Ken Lobb, mentioned that Killer Instinct 3 was being worked on by Rare after the release of Killer Instinct 2.  He stated that he would like to see the original come to Xbox Live Arcade to see if there was still interest in the series, but that has yet to happen.

The source also stated that a new Mortal Kombat is being worked on, but that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering how well Mortal Kombat 9 did both financially and critically.  What maybe a surprise to some, is that NetherRealm Studios is looking to do a yearly release of the Mortal Kombat series just like the other fighting game franchises.  In particular, they’re looking to fix the myriad of problems that simply cannot be patched.  An official announcement about the new Mortal Kombat will be in the next coming months.

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