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Question of the Month: What your favorite horror game?
Posted on October 30, 2011 by OG

It's Halloween time and the staff talk about what horror games they loved the most. What games freaked out the staff so much that they ended up loving them?


Horror games are not a staple of my gaming diet, so I'm going to have to go way back and say the first Resident Evil on the Playstation.  Despite the legendarily goofy voice acting, the rest of the game was very atmospheric and creepy.  I remember jumping at the now-famous 'zombie dog jumping in the window' part, and holding my breath at the door opening loading screens, because who-knows what was waiting for me on the other side.  While they could be frustrating, the limited ammunition, healing items, and sparse save points only served to heighten the tension.  It wasn't a perfect game, but it did what it set out to do very well. - Eduardo




Best horror game for me? Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.  Nemesis is the most badass boss of all time! From start to finish, he is on your ass. - Harlem (a man of few words)



Having not kept up with the times, I have to pick an earlier title for this question of the month. Doom 3 went a long way in scaring the shit out of me, from the first time I played it at an internet cafe with headphones on, to just recently after purchasing it during a Steam sale. The one thing it had was unrelenting consistency; there is hardly a break throughout the entire experience, and this helped to keep me immersed in the experience.  Even though I know nearly ever monster closet, it still makes me jump everything sometime pops out of the shadows to tear my face off. - Joel



I’m going to break the rules a little on this month’s question, by naming a game that I haven’t actually played as my favourite horror game. It is one that I have always intended to, though. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was released on the Gamecube back in 2002, and for a split second I had the game in my hand, debating a purchase, and I put it back on the shelf. I guess if we had a question for most regrettable gaming moment, that may well be it. Back on topic; Eternal Darkness contained multiple playable characters over various historical eras, an intriguing health system based on sanity level, and various fourth-wall breaking moments, such as ‘corrupted data’ save files that ‘delete’ your memory card. Eternal Darkness was given high review scores across the board, and I will forever rue the moment I let financial responsibility stand in the way of gaming enjoyment. - Jack




My favorite horror game would have to be Rise of Nightmares for the Kinect. Besides reminding me of the House of the Dead games, Rise of Nightmares succeeds in putting me in what can be described as a virtual haunted castle and instead of pressing buttons, using motions to fend off creatures that try to kill me. Another reason it’s become my favorite is the b-movie feel and atmosphere it gives off. Yeah it looks schlocky, but that’s what makes it fun; the over the top action and the nods to the movies that inspired it. - Mike V.



I love horror games and play them as much as possible.  For me, Fatal Frame 2 still comes up as being the scariest of all the horror games I've played.  It has a combination of mood, atmosphere and frantic gameplay that freaks you out.  There are many subtle things that can freak you out just as much as the big jump scares.  More importantly, you control a teenage girl that uses a camera against ghosts.  How more helpless can you be in a horror game?  I also feel that Fatal Frame, as a series, is probably the only video game series that could easily be made in a movie.  A Japanese Horror movie, that is.  - O.G.

OG - Editor-in-Chief / Original Gamer | all author's articles

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