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Return to a zombie infested Kamurocho in Yakuza Dead Souls
Posted on October 05, 2011 by MikeV

The Yakuza series has to be one of my favorite games to come out of SEGA in a long while. While some love the games becuase it reminds them of Shenmu, I like think because it gives you a glimps into the secrative world of the Yakuza. Now it seems that these verntable cast of crazy yet tough guys have met an opponet most unsual than they have ever faced.....the undead.

Yes Kazuma Kiryu and crew return to fight an onsaught of zobime in Yakuza: Dead Souls.


In Japan its know as Ryu ga Gota Of the End and takes place a bit after Yakuza 4. A zombie outbreak mysteriously happens one night in Kamurocho and all hell breaks lose in the district. The SDF, with the help of the Americans quickly blockade Kamurocho leaving many of its residents and visitors trap with the zombies. Its up to Kiryu and crew to find out what's going on and escape the city. Backing Kiryu up is "loan shark" and hostess club owner Shun Akiyama, certified crazy and eternal rival of Kiryu Goro Majima, and former assassin asigned to kill Kiryu Ryuji Goda. 
I'm really glad that SEGA of America has decided to bring this over to the states since the gameplay is really fun and having a buddy, be it a real player or CPU controlled, along killing zombies. Even the lovely hostess girls get in on the zombie killing action when you decide to take them out on a date. For those wondering how I know about the gameplay, there's a demo out for Dead Souls in the Japanese PSN under the name Of The End. If you have a Japanese account I suggest giving it a try. The game is set to come out March 2012. For now I'll leave you with a taste of what kinds of crazy you can expect from Yakuza Dead Souls:


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