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Jackie Estacado is a marked man in The Darkness II
It's been two years since the last Darkness and Jackie Estacado is now a marked man in this new trailer for The Darkness II: ... [read more]
Silent Hill Downpour gets pushed to Q2 2012
Once again another title gets pushed back to next month. This time its Silent Hill Downpour.... [read more]
A brief walkthrough of Deus Ex: HR DLC, The Missing Link
Antonie Thisdale, game designer for Deus Ex Human Revolution, takes players on a quick walkthrough for the DLC The Missing Link: ... [read more]

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Burnout Crash! Review
Whilst the Burnout series is known for its car-crunching crashes and over the top demolition, these come as part of a well-established racing game. Burnout Crash!, on the other hand, strips away all the racing and instead has you attempting to cause as much carnage and chaos... [read more]
Call of Juarez: The Cartel Review
Bored-er Patrol.... [read more]
Dark Souls Review
With all the hype of how punishing gameplay can be, Dark Souls is ready to bring the pain. But can it live up to the reputation that its predecessor laid down and deliver an experience worth the hype?... [read more]

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Let's Play With O.G. - Rage Pt. 5-8
O.G. continues to through the Rage single player campaign by starting up the missions in Wellspring. More mutants and bandits are going to get some shots to the face. ... [read more]
8-Bit Eric Show: Luigi's Mansion Review
It's October and that means Halloween time for 8-Bit Eric. H reviews Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube as well as continue his search for the top loader NES. ... [read more]
Let's Play With O.G. - Gears of War 3 Pt. 13-15 (Final)
O.G. finishes the battle in Gears of War 3. ... [read more]
Gear Unboxing: Turtle Beach Ear Force P11
Posted on August 17, 2011 by OG

From Turtle Beach is the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 for the PS3.



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