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Strider Hiryu Public Service Annoucement
Posted on July 15, 2011 by Kyle

Capcom will be releasing big news for Marvel vs Capcom 3 at San Diego Comic Con, and we're all expecting new characters, costumes, or possibly even a new game like Super Marvel vs Capcom 3. Many fans, myself included, are wondering if a certain ninja from Capcom's past will be part of the announcement.

Maximilian, better known to his fans as The Online Warrior, brings us a very important public service announcement concerning the Doom wants Strider Back foundation. Hosted by the fabulous James Chen.

Here's hoping that we'll get one of the coolest ninjas in gaming back in America's favorite fighting game. The fact that he got new artwork when Marvel vs Capcom 2 was re-released on Xbox Live and PS3 shows that Capcom is well aware he's a fan favorite.

Check back with Original Gamer for our recap on all the rumors and our speculations on who will be coming to Marvel vs Capcom 3 when San Diego Comic Con kicks up next week.

- Kyle

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