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Dreamcast Collection Review
Posted on April 06, 2011 by Eduardo


If September 9, 1999 has any meaning to you, then you probably owned a Dreamcast. The oddly-named console gave a good effort, but as we all know, it wasn’t enough to keep Sega in the hardware business. That said, some great games and series were born on the Dreamcast such as Soul Calibur and 2K Sports.

One of my biggest videogame regrets was selling my Dreamcast; to this day I miss playing Power Stone and Wacky Races. Sega recently released Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi onto Xbox Live Arcade for ten dollars each. The Dreamcast Collection contains those two games, Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing for $30.

Does the Dreamcast Collection bring back fond memories, or should these games have stayed in the vault?


Four For The Price of One – The Dreamcast Collection features four games, three of which could probably be considered “classics.” The fourth…well, not so much.

Just Like Old Times – As far as I can tell based on my past experience playing Crazy Taxi and Space Channel 5, these games play just like they did on the Dreamcast.

Kicked-Up Visuals – The graphics have been enhanced for today’s hi-def displays, and while you can catch a bit of blocky-ness here and there, they hold up well for the most part.

Sonic Adventure – Considered by many to be the last good Sonic title, Sonic Adventure still holds up well after these years, and is easily the best game in this collection.



Sega Bass FishingWhy?

Overpriced – If all four games were of reasonable length, I could see thirty dollars being a fair price for Dreamcast Collection, but Sonic Adventure is the only game having any decent length or replayability. The others aren’t bad, per se, but they are either very short or have very limited replay value.

Arcade – Crazy Taxi and Sega Bass Fishing are ports of arcade games, and while attempts have been made to extend their gameplay, they are still short and repetitive.


My biggest issue with Dreamcast Collection isn’t so much with the games themselves (okay maybe they could have done without Sega Bass Fishing) but with the price of admission. As much as I enjoyed Sonic Adventure and Space Channel 5 Part 2, the thirty dollar price tag attached to this disc is about ten too high. With the exception of Sonic Adventure, these games should be going for five bucks each on XBLA. Even if you’re a really big fan of all these games, my advice is to wait for a sale, a price drop, or if you’ve really really got to have it, drop a ten for Sonic Adventure on XBLA.



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