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Deus Ex: Human Revolution on sale for $34.99
Usually when a game drops in price so significantly after launch, there's a problem.  I wouldn't say the same thing with Deus Ex: Human Revolution as it's already ... [read more]
Is Dead Island sexist?
Remember the ‘Hot Coffee’ incident in GTA: San Andreas? You know, the one with all the sex, and the outcry, and the mothers smothering their children as if the end of the world was nigh? Well, it’s happened again, just on a slightly smaller scale, within Techland’s r... [read more]
Crysis to comes to XBLA and PSN this Fall
Crysis, the game once thought impossible to run at full spec in 2007, makes its way to XBLA and PSN this Fall.... [read more]

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Elevator Action Deluxe Review
The original Elevator Action hailed from a time when you could tell what was in a game just by its name: there were asteroids in Asteroids, a centipede in Centipede, and Elevator Action had both elevators and action. While Elevator Action didn't set the world on fire in 198... [read more]
Rise of Nightmares Review
Let’s face it, no matter how much Microsoft tries to spin the Kinect as a device made for the core gamer just as much as the casual gamer , there are no games that appeal to that core audience yet. Kinect has so much potential, yet developers would rather play it safe and ... [read more]
Rock of Ages Review
Rock of Ages, first and foremost, is not a game version of the musical (or upcoming movie) of the same name that focuses on 80’s rock, such as Journey, Bon Jovi and Poison. However awesome (or terrifying) it may sound to some of you to have an update to the underrated Brut... [read more]

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Let's Play with O.G. - Driver: San Francisco Pt. 4-6
Tanner has returned in the latest game in the Driver series, Driver: San Francisco. See what O.G. thinks of the game as he played through the single player campaign. ... [read more]
Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Video Review
Turtle Beach has created many headset for the Xbox 360 and now it's time for the PS3. The P11 looks of the Xbox 360 X11, but can the P11 provide great quality to PS3 owners. ... [read more]
The AssKickers Video Review
Joel wrote about his review of The AssKickers, now see the game in action with his thoughts. ... [read more]
Original Gamer Podcast Level 34 - An Hour With Jim Sterling
Posted on March 18, 2010 by OG
The person that many call the biggest troll on the internet, Destructoid's Jim Sterling comes on the show to talk about his favorite subject: Jim Sterling.

You can download the podcast here

To read all the articles that make Jim Sterling so hated, you can go to You can follow Jim on twitter, @Jim_Sterling.

Or click on THIS.

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