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by Oscar Gonzalez | April 17, 2014
The PS4 reached a new landmark earlier this month when it the seven million console sold on April 6, just shy of six months since its debut. Sony also announced that more than 20 million games for the PS4 have been sold as of April 13. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 16, 2014
If you have been closely tracking the developments of Alien: Isolation, then be sure to check out latest developer diary. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 16, 2014
As promised, Sucker Punch Productions, the studio behind the Infamous franchise, will be releasing an important patch for their debut PS4 exclusive game Infamous Second Son. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | April 16, 2014
Japanese arcades are already battling it out with Ultra Street Fighter IV. Since the U.S. has to wait a couple of months until we can play the game, at least Capcom uploaded the opening video for it. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 15, 2014
Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are moving over to North America for those PS Vita owners in need of more gaming. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 15, 2014
Developers of Black Light Retribution, Zombie Studios, announced that their next game Daylight will be out on April 29. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | April 15, 2014
A new update is hitting your Xbox One today. No new features were added, however, there were plenty of improvements included in the patch. [read more]

by Oscar Gonzalez | April 15, 2014
Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dizzle aka Snoop Dogg is the new voice for Call of Duty: Ghosts. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 12, 2014
If you've been wanting more Titanfall content then watch the skies because it's coming. Respawn Entertainment have announced the first DLC for TitanFall during a PAX East panel earlier today, Titanfall: Expedition. [read more]

by Prashanth M. Narayan | April 12, 2014
Developer of the XCOM and Civilization series, Firaxis Games has announced a brand new Civilization game titled Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. [read more]

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